Privacy Policy for Products offered by via The Google Chrome Web Store

Version 2.3, 2020-12-17

Definitions we/us.
Google: Google Inc.
The Google Chrome Web Store: a site operated by Google where users of Google Chrome can download and install software.
Product: software, content and digital materials created for use in connection with Google Chrome and offered by us via The Google Chrome Web Store.


The objective of in creating Products for use in connection with the Google Chrome browser is to improve users' experience of the browser, not to collect personal information. To protect your personal data, we are bound by the terms of our agreement with Google, among which is a requirement that we disclose our use of your data.

Personal information we collect

You What? Browser Extension (delisted from the store)

The You What? Browser Extension embeds videos from YouTube, which is owned by Google Inc. Regarding the collection, storage and use of personal data, use of the You What? Browser Extension is similar to use of the website and as such the Google Privacy Policy applies.

Other Products

No personal information is collected by any of our other Products.

Notification of Changes

This document may be altered at any time. If we change our policy and a Product you use is affected, that Product will notify you of the change.