Mythical 5th

Browser Extensions

Recently Closed

View and restore recently closed Tabs and Windows

The Trashcan and Window icons in this extension are in the public domain


A notepad with autosave, sync, file export, and themes

The Notepad icon is in the public domain

Bookmarks HotList

A Speed Dial in your toolbar, with easy set-up and keyboard shortcuts

"Actions bookmark new list Icon" by Oxygen Team at Icon Archive

Folderwise Bookmarks

Search for Bookmarks by Folder Name, and save Sessions in Bookmark Folders

"Places folder favorites Icon" by Oxygen Team at Icon Archive

Did You Know?

Daily facts and quotes from WIKIPEDIA, Infogalactic and The Quotations Page

The Lightbulb icon and other icons in this extension are in the public domain

Blank New Tab Page

A blank New Tab Page with a colour and background of your choice

Background transparencies are from Transparent Textures

Better Bookmarker

Presents the Bookmarks folder tree as an ordered list complete with full path details, making folder selection a doddle

"Actions bookmark add Icon" by Alexandre Moore at Icon Archive


Track time with a ping every hour


A month calendar with a days-between calculator

The Calendar icon in this extension is in the public domain

Home Shortcut for Chromebook™

Adds a keyboard shortcut for the Home button

"Home, house, streamline icon" by Webalys

Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc.

White and Egg

A light, flat, simple theme